2024-03-04 OCDSB Teacher Librarians

Cataloging Integrity: The Librarian’s Guide to AI and Honest Assignments

By Martine Peters, Université du Québec en Outaouais

Teacher Librarians at Ottawa-Carleton District School Board

(March 04, 2024)



Slide 2 :

Slide 9 : Plagiarism or Not?

Slides 13-14: Models for Digital Scrapbooking Strategies

Slide 15: AI2 Literacy = Art of Prompting (2023)

Slide 16: Learning Code with ChatGPT

Slide 17: Six Thinking Hats Applied to AI❤️

Slide 18: Chat GPT Cheat Sheet

Slide 19: AI2 Tools to Write

Slide 20: Quillbot 

Slides 21-22: AI2 Tools to Search

Slide 23: AI2 Tools to Analyse, Use Critical Thinking

Slide 24: AI2Tool as Tutor

Slide 25: AI2 Tool for Images

Slide 26: AI2 tool for Pedagogical Materials

Slide 28: Let’s Talk about Detection ❤️

Slide 30: Use of ChatGPT and QuillBot to Avoid Detection

Slide 31: Detection Tools

Slide 32: Conclusion